Hecho A Mano*

I felt much better today, probably because the sun was shining and I slept a bit better last night. Plus, today was another adventure in bookbinding and I had so much fun. I took my camera to snap a couple of pictures of my book in progress. Take a look.

I’m making a springback book which consists of 25 signatures which makes this a pretty hefty book. Here is a view of the sewn signatures. The cardboard pieces, which are much longer than the book will be trimmed later. The green leather pieces are the headbands I made.


Next, I had to pare down the leather I plan to use to reinforce the spine. To do so, I used this machine and ran the strip of leather through until I got it pretty thin. This took a lot longer than I thought as it takes a bit of getting used to the motions you have to make. I was scared I was going to break through the leather.

Finally, it was ready so I placed my book in a finishing press, made some paste and glued the leather onto the spine. Here’s what it looks like:


Let’s see how far I get into this next week. It was funny because I told my teacher I had to sign up for the next session which starts in two weeks because at the rate I’m going it will take me another full session to finish this book! ha,ha.


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