Happy or Sad Endings?

I’m so ready for the weekend aren’t you? I’m not feeling as overwhelmed today. Probably because I finally finished reading Fall on Your Knees. It was good but just took me a long time to finish it.

I read through some of the reviews on Amazon and was amused that a lot of people thought the book was too depressing and not worth reading. Really? I understand sometimes now wanting to read sad stuff. I remember when my dad was ill I could barely read anything other than cozy mysteries and even then I don’t think I was really reading them but as time passed I yearned for meatier books.

This idea is something my foreign book group has discussed on several occasions because it seems that a lot of our favorite books aren’t necessarily the ones were everyone lives happily ever after.

So, is a book good only if it’s got a sad ending? Are happy books not worthy of discussion? I found this article and it seems that most people want to read happier books. For me it, doesn’t really matter. Sure sometimes after a sad book I may go find some lighter reading but ultimately what matters to me is if it’s a good book. What are your thoughts on this?

Well, have a wonderful weekend everyone. I’m off to a flea market on Saturday! Wish me luck. Perhaps I’ll find some vintage magazines or a priceless antique book.