Happy Halloween

Got the candy ready? I’m ready to welcome trick-or-treaters and then afterwards watch a scary film. We still haven’t decided which one we’ll watch tonight but I can’t wait.

Vintage Halloween Postcard

What else is going on? Well this weekend I finally dusted off my bike now that temperatures in Austin aren’t in the 90s & up. We went for a 9 mile ride at the Veloway. That was fun. I read more of The Small Room by May Sarton but I’m only about half way through it. I am looking forward to joining the Slaves for the discussion. And, yes, I’ve been bookbinding a lot.

I only read two books this month. Two. On the one hand, I’m bummed out I only read two books but then I think about all the other projects I’m doing and it’s ok. Right now my energies are a bit more focused on my bookbinding because of the studio tour and perhaps some other craft shows but eventually things will go back to more time for reading. To echo my previous post, it’s all about finding a happy balance.

Oh, I think I heard the doorbell, off to hand out candy. Happy Halloween and more book talk tomorrow.

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