Getting Ready

Thank you everyone for the Bloggiversary wishes! And, thanks to the winner of my new journal is Anna from Diary of an Eccentric. Congrats, Anna.

It’s been another busy week but I’m counting the days guys because our vacation starts this week. Yay. We’re off to Germany to see family and I’ll tell you about my other adventures soon.

So in between packing or I should say thinking of what to pack, we’ve been watching some of the Wallander episodes from the Swedish television series. I am hooked. I’ve read a couple of the Henning Mankell novels and I don’t know how closely these are based on any of the books – my guess is not much – but I’m enjoying the series a lot. Makes me want to travel to Sweden and of course read more of the Wallander books too.

Another mystery series we recently watched was the Zen series based on the Michael Dibdin books. Loved it. Too bad there were only three shows produced. Has anyone watched these? What did you think?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my vacation reads. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I’ve been taking note. I’m taking my Kindle which was very handy on last year’s trip but of course I’m not leaving it all up to the Kindle. Books will be packed. And, possibly a magazine or two.

Here’s to wonderful Summer reading for everyone!

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