Friday Finds

I know I had said book reviews and a giveaway were coming up but I got a bit bogged down with some other stuff so I’m putting that off for next week. Instead, I thought why not participate in Friday Finds? I have seen Tanabata, Matt and Melody post on this before and have wanted to join in so here it goes.


Here are some books I’ve recently added to my wish list:

  • The Night Villa by Carol Goodman. I’m a big fan of Goodman’s stories so when I saw this one on the new books table at the bookstore I knew I’d add it to my wish list almost without even reading what it was about. It was a given.
  • The Street of a Thousand Blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama. Hmm, maybe I could add this to my Japanese Literature challenge.
  • Cost by Roxana Robinson. A book about family relationships.
  • The Blackstone Key by Rose Melikan. A book that is said to be in the spirit of Charlotte Bronte and Agatha Christie. A historical adventure set in England during the French Revolutionary wars.

Don’t these sound good? This weekend we are probably go hang out at one of our favorite spots and I’m sure I’ll come away with more books to add to my list. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with some good reads!

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