Friday Finds: The Craft Edition


Not only do I hoard novels, mysteries, historical fiction and a few other genres, but I also add craft books to my to-be-bought list on a constant basis.

I have a bookcase dedicated to my crafty books where I keep books on bookbinding, journaling, paper arts, and where I also keep stacks of my favorite magazines like Bound & Lettered and Somerset Studio.

So this Friday Finds is dedicated to listing some craft books I really, really want.

  • 500 Handmade Books by Suzanne Tourtillot. I actually got to see this book before it was even out at the bookstores as my bookbinding teacher has several of his art books featured in this book and so he had an advance copy of it. This book is not a how-to but it’s a wonderful source of inspiration. Makes me daydream about books I want to make one day.
  • Bookcraft by Heather Weston. This one is a how-to and while I already have lots of good books on bookbinding, I usually can’t resist when a new one comes out.
  • Handmade Hellos by Eunice Moyle. I love getting real letters. I used to be so good about sending them too but lately I’ve gotten very lazy. Maybe I need this fun little kit to get me writing again.
  • True Vision by L.K. Ludwig. I think I may have mentioned this one before but I finally got a chance to see it and confirmed that I want to add it my bookshelf.

So those are my finds. I’m off to enjoy the weekend… Hope you do too!

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