I hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful weekend. For the first time in months, I felt like I had a free Saturday. No commitments, no scheduled plans, no deadlines, no work. And, you know what I did? I went to yoga and read. Those were my major accomplishments for the day and I loved it!

Sunday we had a few errands to run and as one of those errands happened to take us by BookPeople I had to go in for a quick peek and I’m happy to report I found the latest BookPage. Every month I could count on picking this up at BookPeople but for the past couple of months they haven’t had it. I know I can read it on the web but I much prefer a paper copy. So I was very happy to find it again.

I’ve already added these books from the BookPage recommendations to my reading list: Sideways On A Scooter, Radio Shangri-La, The Uninvited Guests and The Lifeboat. I always go through BookPage a couple of times so who knows what else I’ll add to my reading list.

So far I can say the reading year is off to a good start as I’ve already finished two good books and have started another. Here’s to finding more good books and more free hours for reading and relaxing.

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