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Before I get to some book reviews let me just say, Yipee!! Why am I so excited? I just found out that I was one of the winners in Literary Feline’s anniversary contest. I’m going to get 14 books from Hatchett Book Group. Isn’t that fantastic? I was in a blah mood today thanks to intense heat (107 degrees) we’ve been having but I’m feeling much better now.

So, moving on to some reviews I’ve been promising…

applesandorangesApples & Oranges by Marie Brenner is the memoir of a brother and sister and their difficult relationship. I enjoyed reading about the dynamics between the two as told from Marie’s point of view, but the book also had a lot of background on their family history.

The author points out that she felt that if she could figure out about their past maybe that would explain her relationship with her brother Carl. And, I can understand how that would have made sense to her but for a reader I don’t think that really seemed to fit. As the reader I just wanted to know about her and her brother.

To read more about the book, check out my review.

mercystreetThe other book I finished was Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart. I’ve seen her books before but just hadn’t had the chance to check any out so I was happy to read this one, which I believe is the start of a series.

It is billed as a romantic suspense novel and unfortunately I was a bit let down on the suspense issue but I found it very readable. It was just one of those books you can easily get caught up in and breeze through. I wouldn’t mind checking out another of her books or following up on the series later. You can read more about the book by checking out my review.

Those are just two of the books I’ve recently finished. I was looking at my monthly stats and I read 11 books in July! I have no idea how that happened. That’s not my normal amount but I won’t complain. I guess two of my reads were graphic novels but still that’s still more books than I normally read.

This weekend I’ve been reading Murder on Bank Street by Victoria Thompson and Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer. I finished the Thompson book so more on that one soon but for now I’m thoroughly caught up in Heyer’s novel. Aside from a great independent and spirited heroine, the book is filled with a fabulous vocabulary.

Bibble-babble, farradiddles, rake-shame, flummery and gabble-monger just to list a few of the words. Aren’t those fun? I need to find a way to drop one of these in regular conversation. ha.

Hope everyone has a great start of the week.

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