Feeding the Addiction

You guys won’t believe this. I found this bookstore which is closing one of it’s Dallas Metroplex locations and has all paperbacks for $1 and hardbacks for $2.

I would list all the books I bought, I spent $36, but my husband cleared space to do some calligraphy and he mixed in my new books with all my other books. Yikes, now I really need to go through all of my stacks of unread books to see what I have and update my booklist.

Other tidbits, I did finish The Body in the Library and found it delightful. I will definitely be adding Agatha Christie to my list of authors to read. Thank you to those of you who gave me some recommendations. I’ll be looking for those books.

And, sadly, Gabriel Garcia Marquez has said that he is no longer writing. Luckily, I still have a few of his books yet to read so I can savor those.