Everybody’s Reading It

Thank you for all the ideas on what to see and do in Chicago. Aside from the book fair, I definitely want to go to the Art Institute. Danielle, I promise to check out Seurat’s painting. I’m a big fan of impressionist & post-impressionist paintings so that’s one I’d love to see.

In other news, did you hear which novel the Litblog Co-op chose for it’s first Read This! selection? Case Histories by Kate Atkinson. In the upcoming weeks they’ll have blog posts from members of the co-op on their reactions to the book as well as a post from Kate Atkinson herself.

Now, should I tell you a little secret? I’ve only read one Kate Atkinson book and I didn’t like it. I’m sorry – ducks heads. I read Behind the Scenes at the Museum several years ago on account that so many people recommended it to me and I couldn’t get into it at all.

Again, I’m hearing such good stuff about her books, and Case Histories in particular, that I want to see what I’m missing out on. So I’ll try to join this Read This! thing.

How about you though, what’s been one of your biggest reading disappointments?