El Boom

El Boom was the literary scene in Latin America made up of writers such as Carlos Fuentes, Julio Cortazar and Gabriel Garcia Marquez who gained international attention with a new literature style that combined modern experimentation with elements of Latin American life and culture. In other words, Magical Realism.

A new surge of Latin American writers is now growing but they aren’t necessarily following the footsteps as the Boom writers. These authors honor the literary tradition of magical realism but also want to show new literary styles and influences. This informative article introduces readers to David Toscana, Ignacio Padilla, Mario Bellatin and Monica Lavin as being the writers to watch.

I’ve read Our Lady of the Circus, a strange but memorable book, by David Toscana. I haven’t heard of the others but I’m very curious. One of my cousins from Monterrey may be visiting soon so after posting this, I’m going to send her a little email. You know, asking how she is and can she grab me some of these books.

Has anyone read anything by these writers? Any recommendations?