Disappearing Acts

The weekend is finally here and I’m so happy. It’s been a long week at work as we are in the middle of some big projects and I’m still not getting the best sleep but change is coming soon so that’s something I’m very excited about and will share with you later.

In the meantime, I keep disappearing from the blog and blogland and I don’t like it but I refuse to blog when I don’t feel like it. Then it feels like chore doesn’t it? Anyway, eventually I’ll get my routine back.

So this weekend one thing I’m very excited about is the Austin International Poetry Festival. There are readings, slams and even workshops going on at various locations throughout the weekend. I hope to at least go to one reading.

What else? There is also Dewey’s Read-A-Thon which I won’t be joining unfortunately but hope those of you who are participating have a blast. I can’t wait to read some of the reports of books read, total hours, and snacks consumed. Hee.

Oh yes, and the other disappearing act is that I believe our Borders bookstores are closing their doors this weekend so I may just have to go once more.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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