Currently Reading

I’ve started two books and am hooked on both of them. What’s best is that these are so different there can be no chance that things will get confusing. Actually, I’m pretty good about having a couple of books going on just as long as they aren’t in the same genre.

The first book is The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. My husband, Christine and some friends are going to see a production based on this novel and I was anxious to know about the story. I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf forever too. And, what better way than to get ready for Halloween than to read a ghost story right?

My other book is Birds Without Wings by Louis DeBernieres. I only got a few pages into it last night but I found myself wanting to underline phrases that I liked or that caught my attention. I need these book darts for moments like these.

Hope everyone is reading something interesting. I am off to continue my good books.