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bookmessLet’s get back to book talk and let me tell you about my current reads. I have a good mix going on but as usual, I keep thinking of new books and want to add more to my stack. So here’s the bunch:

Landline by Rainbow Rowell. Her novel Eleanor & Park is a favorite but this one is not measuring up to that book. It’s the story of a couple who have to spend Christmas apart. Georgie feels her relationship is really in crisis this time and it doesn’t help that she can’t get a hold of Neal who’s taken their daughters to visit his mother for the holiday. When she finally reaches Neal she realizes she’s somehow gone back in time and is talking to the Neal from their dating days. Cool premise but I’m finding the characters a bit unlikeable.

Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier. Mary Yellen’s mother dies and she has to go live with her aunt but even before she’s set foot on Jamaica Inn, the coachman tells her that she will come to no good by stopping there. Secrets, smugglers, storms, oh what an atmospheric read. Really enjoying this one.

Ice Cold by Andrea Maria Schenkel. I’m reading this for the German Literature Reading challenge. Even though I just started it, I’m finding it a compelling read. This story is of a young woman who travels to Munich in the late 1930s looking for work and a better life but soon she might find herself in danger.

They Tell Me You Are Wicked by David Hagerty. I just started this one and I probably need to focus on this because it’s my book for my mystery book group next week.

The Dead Will Tell by Linda Castillo. This is an audiobook I’m listening to when I go to the gym. This mystery all starts when Chief Kate Burkholder is called to an apparent suicide crime scene. Of course, there’s more to it than that. Really enjoying this mystery.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Still at the beginning of this book but I’m eager to get back to this one.

Blue Horses by Mary Oliver. This collection of poetry is wonderful. I’m sure I’ll add some of these poems to my personal poetry journal. Here’s an excerpt from one poem which really speaks to me:

I don’t want to be demure or respectable.
I was that way, asleep, for years.
That way, you forget too many important things.
How the little stones, even if you can’t hear them,
are signing.

~ I Don’t Want To Be Demure Or Respectable

With all of these books I guess I better get back to them right? My goal for the weekend is to at least finish one of them. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and let me know what you are reading.

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