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I started reading Three Seconds earlier this week and I do not know how I’m going to finish this book in time for book group next week. Do you see where my bookmark is? The story line involves secret operatives, drug deals, and basically lots of intense drama. I am reading this in the evening right before going to sleep and that is probably what is putting me off slightly.


You know me, I love crime fiction but something about story lines involving drugs is just so depressing. It seems like these types of stories tend to be more gritty and graphic than other crime novels. Anyway, this novel is also in translation and there are times that I wonder if the translation is off or perhaps it’s just that it is story with lots of characters and action and I’m feeling slightly lost at times. So, unfortunately this has not started off very well for me. I’m hoping the story will turn around soon.

My lunch time reading is Accidents Happen by Louise Millar. This is an advance review copy that I’m reading on my Kindle. Let me say that I’m very grateful to publishers who send these out but I’ve noticed that when I read ARCs on my Kindle they tend to have a lot more errors – spelling mistakes, weird formatting issues, etc. and I do find that distracting. Do you?

Finally another book that I’m starting to dog-ear and mark up (the horror, I know!) is the Lonely Planet Denmark. Hmm, I wonder why? Yes, Denmark is in our future so I’m excited to read about some of the places we’ll visit. By the way, I’m going to look for some Danish authors to add to my reading list so if you have some you recommend let me know.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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