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Even though my new books are calling me I have some good stories going on right now that I wanted to tell you a bit about.

First, there’s The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. Georgia Walker is a single-mother and business owner who is juggling the demands of a successful business, raising a tween and now the re-appearance of an ex. Thanks to her employees and friends who gather at the shop on friday nights, she finds a sense of calm and comfort in day. I hope that when I finally decide to go take some knitting classes I can find a cute shop like this one.

I couldn’t wait to start Foreign Correspondence by Geraldine Brooks and see how she tries to reconnect with her pen pals from her childhood. I wasn’t expecting as much background into her family’s history but it’s been interesting and certainly makes me understand why as a youngster she wanted to explore the world. Read this:

“When I wrote to these pen pals, in the late 1960s and 1970s, my family inhabited a very small world. We had no car, had never set foot on an airplane and, despite my father’s American relatives, had never thought of making an international phone call.”

River of Darkness by Rennie Airth is a mystery set in rural England right after WWI. Having just lived through the horrors of war a small community is in shock when five people are murdered. I’m not very far into this but I really enjoy reading about how the police force was starting to use more scientific methods to solving crimes and how it wasn’t so easy to introduce such revolutionary methods. I can’t quite make up my mind about the Inspector but I think once I get to know him more I’ll find out there’s a reason he comes across a bit boorish.

Finally, I am also reading Tomorrow River by Lesley Kagen. 11-year-old Shenny is trying to hold things together for her family since her mother disappeared. Her twin sister has stopped speaking and her father becomes more volatile each day. For it having such a sad premise, there is actually quite a bit of humor in this story. Shenny is always quick with a funny quip but I get the feeling as the story progresses I’m just going to end up really upset with her parents.

So those are my current reads, and yes, of course I’m still glancing over at the pile of new books. I may throw in another to the mix so I’ll keep you posted.

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