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acquaalta.jpgYesterday I mentioned that I’m involved in a little murder mystery in Venice. It had been a while since I picked up a Commissario Brunetti series but this was just the right mystery I needed. It’s always nice to go back and revisit with a favorite character isn’t it?

Acqua Alta starts off when an old friend of Brunetti’s is savagely beaten. Dottoressa Lynch is an American expert on Chinese pottery who now lives in Venice with the famous diva Flavia Petrelli, both characters which appeared in the first Commissario Brunetti book. Why was she attacked? Matters of art forgery and theft will have Commissario Brunetti busy as well as fighting the winter tempest that threatens to flood the streets of Venice.

honeymoonintehran.jpgI’m also spending some time in Iran with Azadeh Moaveni in her memoir, Honeymoon in Tehran. She’s a journalist who finds love and some danger when she returns to her parent’s homeland in 2005. Instead of finding a country headed for reform, she now sees the rise of President Ahmadinejad and wonders what it will mean to her, her friends and country.

One of my best friends is from Iran so I don’t feel as if I’m reading something completely foreign to me. She’s told me stories about her country – good and bad and we both understand what it’s like to have grown up in a country where you weren’t born. Still, what this book opens my eyes to is how a journalist who works for the American media can still make a career out of reporting the truth even if it means putting oneself at risk.

richestseason.jpgI was in the mood for a good women’s book. You know, the kind, big on relationships, family matters and maybe a bit of love. Just something that would be a bit of a comfort to read. So I picked up The Richest Season by Maryann McFadden as I’d heard some good things about it and plus isn’t the cover pretty? I wouldn’t mind being on a beach right now, gathering shells.

Anyway, back to the book. This story is about Joanna Harrison a woman who’s tired of what her life has become and runs off to Pawleys Island, South Carolina in order to fulfill a life-long dream and to find herself. I’m not very far into this story yet but I think I’ll enjoy it.

And, last but not least, I’m still making my way through Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende. I have enjoyed reading this book but I’ve noticed that she’ll depart from the story of the characters quite often to tell about the battles in South America. While I appreciate learning more about Latin American history, I don’t really like how it distracts me from the story in this instance.

So that’s what I’m reading, how about you?

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