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A couple of weeks ago I felt like I was just zooming through books but all of a sudden I feel like my reading is going at a snail’s pace, but I’m reading some good books so that’s what counts.

I wanted to share with you what books are currently vying for my attention.

First, The Toss of a Lemon by Padma Viswanathan which I got from the BookBrowse First Impressions program. This book is big (probably why I feel like I’m not getting much reading done!) but it’s interesting. The story spans the lifetime of a Brahmin woman (1896 – 1962). Sivakami is married at 10 and widowed at 18. Her widowhood requires that she wear widow’s whites, shave her head and touch no one from dawn to dusk.

It’s a fascinating story and I can’t help but wonder what else I will read the further I get into this. I’m at page 150 or so and already Sivakami is a widow so what happens in the rest of the 500+ pages? Look forward to finding out.

The other book I’m reading is Farewell Navigator by Leni Zumas. This came to me via Open City Books which is a literary journal I’ve just discovered. According to one of the blurbs on the back of the book, they refer to the stories as filled with characters on the brink of survival and hope. I’ve only read two of the stories but I like what I’m reading so far.

I’m itching to add another book to these current reads and will probably do so. How much you wanna bet it’ll be a mystery?

Anyway, speaking of BookBrowse, I know The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson is a book that’s getting a lot of attention this summer, and currently BookBrowse is offering a copy for one lucky person so check it out.

On the topic of giveaways, I just saw that Melody is also having a giveaway and it’s for an audio book by an author who I’ve seen a lot of you mention so you won’t want to miss that. Good stuff.

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