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Don’t you just love it when you can’t decide which book to stick with because all of your current reads are great? These are the kinds of problems I don’t mind having. Right now I’m enjoying these books a great deal.

Sleep Toward Heaven by Amanda Eyre Ward. There’s a woman on death row, a young doctor who’s lost a patient and a woman who is recently widowed. Each character is interesting but how will the story lines converge? I can’t wait to find out.

Girls of a Tender Age by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith. I had stopped reading memoirs for a long while because they were all well just so depressing. I couldn’t stand it anymore. When I got this advance reader’s copy I wasn’t too sure but wow, it’s great. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all fun and games. It does deal with some very serious issues but the way the story is told just sweeps you in.

The Seven Sisters by Margaret Drabble. I’ve always wanted to read one of her books and even have several. How did I collect these in the first place? Anyway the story is in a diary format, which I love, and coming soon after watching Notes on a Scandal which also deals with what we confess in our diaries this novel is a very compelling read.

You know what though? I think I need to throw in a mystery book in the mix. Hmm, maybe I’ll pick up a good mystery tonight.

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