Current Books

So what new books am I reading after finishing two this weekend?

I am half way through Queen of the Underworld by Gail Godwin. I got and advance reader’s copy of this book, and it’s been a very engaging read. The story is about a young woman in 1950s Miami who is trying to make her way in the world as a newspaper reporter. I had several of Godwin’s books on my TBR list so I’m excited to finally be reading one of them. If the rest of the story is as good as the beginning I know I’ll be looking for more of her novels.

My other book is Comfort Woman by Nora Okja Keller. This is the story of Akiko, a Korean refugee of World War II, and Beccah, her daughter, and it’s this month’s selection for the Reading Matters book group. I’m not sure how I feel about this book yet. Some passages are just gut-wrenching but I’m finding it a bit tough to stay involved in the parts that deal with the trances the mother goes into. We’ll see how the rest of the story goes.

And, because I can’t stay away from a mystery, I’ve also started Deadman’s Switch by Barbara Seranella. Thank you to Estella’s Revenge for this advance copy. I had heard much about Seranella’s Munch Mancini series so she was another writer on my TBR list.

Oh and in case you were wondering if I did order any books last night, I haven’t yet but I think I may select some books from Pennyworth or BookCloseOuts this time around. I’ll keep you posted.

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