Craft Adventures

Over the Christmas holidays I’m happy to report that I started making creative time a priority. Too often I get caught up with reading crafty magazines or watching new techniques on YouTube but then I don’t end up following up and trying things out myself.

One of the things I’m trying to do is book time for myself in the studio. If I see that time on my calendar maybe that means I will spend time crafting. Or if I’m not in the mood to craft, I can clean up or organize. I want to try out being more aware of where my time goes.

One new form of creative play I’ve been trying out lately is keeping a Glue Book. A what? Basically a journal where you glue in stuff. Phrases, pictures, receipts, junk mail, whatever you can get your hands on. The purpose is to play making collages. They can tell a story or not.

There are no rules and no expectations. I like that already.

I think a glue book will be good for me because this is something I could actually do in quick time segments and feel like I’ve finished something. Unlike a bookbinding project which will usually take me a lot longer. So I’m making a commitment to complete a glue book this year.

I’ve already started using a 5 x 7 spiral sketchbook and I’ve already completed three pages. For the page shown here, I used a vintage book page with some machinery diagrams, a calligraphy piece my husband discarded, a paint chip, a butterfly sticker and a very cool quote. In case you can’t read it, it says:

“I am indebted to my notebook for the happiness of my whole life.” ~ Ben Franklin.

I thought that was a perfect way to begin this journey. I’ll keep you posted on how my glue book goes and hope you’ll enjoy reading about it.

If you are trying out a new hobby this year or going back to something you’ve enjoyed let me know. It’s wonderful to talk about books but I also enjoy hearing about other things you enjoy doing. So have a wonderful weekend everyone and more book talk soon!

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