Cover Art

Who doesn’t enjoy a good book cover right? Sometimes the cover is enough to capture our attention and make us buy the book or sometimes it just drives us away. Whether you like or hate the big “O” emblazoned on the front, or the pink covers with high heels, book covers do matter.

Lionel Shriver wrote about the arduous task of finding the right cover for her new novel that she’s even gone so far as to design it herself and submit it for consideration. I just wish the article had a picture of her design don’t you?

I know Booklogged had a very interesting observation of some recent covers, and Booklust also directed our attention to a delicious selection of book covers.

So for all of you who enjoy cover art, check out the latest issue of Mental Floss. One of the feature articles is about the 12 book designers who changed the publishing industry. I think you’ll enjoy it. I know I did and can now say I know more about book designers than just the names of Chip Kidd and Edward Gorey.