Checking Out A Human

On my drive home today I heard this interesting story on NPR about how libraries are finding ways to be creative in the digital age. Some will lend you not just books but maybe a fishing pole and tackle and another library had the idea of checking out a human.

Instead of checking out a book to read about a subject you meet with an “expert” for 30 minutes or so. Isn’t that neat? There’s even an international HUMAN Library system. I’d never heard of this.

Anyway, of course to me a library is all about books but I know that libraries are changing and adjusting always to serve communities better. As a matter of fact I can’t wait to go to San Antonio later this year and see BiblioTech, the country’s first bookless public library!

Now all this talk about libraries makes me want to go visit mine but I’m actually on a library ban. My bookshelves are overflowing, vacation is coming, etc. so no more library books for the time being. So what do you think of all this library talk? Would you like to be “checked” out?

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