Checked Out

Given how many new books I’ve been buying lately, and all the wonderful ARCs on my shelves, you’d think I’d stay far, far away from a library and I actually have for about a month but I couldn’t resist it any longer.

I had put a book on hold a couple of months ago and it finally became available so when I went to pick it up on Saturday I just couldn’t leave with only it in my book bag. I had to check out more. Here are the books I found on the new shelves:

  • The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin. It’s been hard to pay attention to my online shops this year given my real work but I do love making my journals and still have dreams of selling more of them so I figure it would be good to read about how some of the big names in the DIY world made it. Get some encouragement, ideas, etc.
  • The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb. I love the title and cover of this book and was going to check it out regardless of the storyline but the story does sound interesting and it is set in contemporary Vietnam, which I can’t remember reading about in recent times.
  • Life In Miniature by Linda Schlossberg. A story about mothers and daughters and I do love these kind of stories.
  • The Gordian Knot by Bernhard Schlink. Best known for The Reader, it looks like Schlink has now branched out into crime fiction. It’s been years since I read his best-selling novel but am definitely curious how this story will develop.

I had sort of wanted to hold out on my library ban a bit longer to work through more of my books but oh well. It is good to go back to the library and I’ve even put a couple of other books on hold. Good times. Let me know if you’ve read some of these and what you thought.

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