Change of Plans

My weekend plans got a bit derailed as I had to go to Dallas to help my mom out with some plumbing problems we had at the house. What a nightmare but luckily everything got taken care of. So I didn’t get to do any organizing at my home, or bookbinding or much relaxing but my husband and I tried to make the best of the holiday weekend by spending the afternoon at Barnes & Noble.

I realize just how many magazines I’ve missed reading since we were on vacation. Lots of new issues are out and I want to get them all. There’s Somerset Studio, Cloth Paper Scissors, Body & Soul, Yoga Journal, Bitch, the list goes on.

I didn’t get to do much reading either and didn’t make it to the Half Price Book sale but I guess I’ll survive. So not a lot to report but I do have a book giveaway coming up this week, hopefully some reviews and actually, I won’t complain about no new books because some new books have arrived at Casa Bookgirl so I’ll tell you about those soon.

Now, for the rest of the evening I just want to hang out with a book, a glass of milk and the last bit of chocolate we brought back from Germany.

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