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Make Room

I still haven’t finished my big reorganization project of my studio/library and I  have to get busy on that because I’ve received more advance review copies and where do I fit these? I can’t complain, I love new books so let’s get into it and let me tell you what I got. ...Read More

Books & Bikes

I spent the morning with my husband at FrankenBike (a swap meet for cyclists!) and while I did want to hang out with him I also had an ulterior motive for going with him. You see, this time FrankenBike was going to be held at a bike shop in the same area ...Read More

Back For Seconds

With all my talk of mysteries yesterday I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to keep up with a mystery series because new books are released all the time. I’m sure if you read any type of series this is something you probably struggle with as well. I am usually caught up ...Read More