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Hello Sunshine

We’ve had some sunny days this weekend and I wanted to take advantage of the sun and milder temperatures to enjoy a walk outdoors so I thought why not take an audiobook with me. But first, I need an audiobook and in my search to see what my library had available (as ...Read More

Library Haul

I went to the library to pick up a book on hold and I just couldn’t resist looking around for a bit and of course ended up walking away with more books than I should have. Here’s the latest library haul: Horrostör by Grady Hendrix. A tale of strange happenings set in ...Read More

Death in Pont-Aven

“Commissaire Georges Dupin was sitting in the Amiral, at the very end of the bar, the newspaper spread out in front him as usual… Dupin had spent his whole life amidst the glamour of Paris, but two years and seven months ago he had been ‘relocated’ to this remote backwater due to ...Read More