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Arctic Chill

“They were able to guess his age, but had more trouble determining which part of the world he came from.” Arctic Chill By Arnaldur Indridason Frigid temperatures and dark days are the backdrop for this mystery featuring Reykjavik police detective Erlendur. This time his team is called out to investigate the murder ...Read More

The Outcast Dead

“But she approves of the Payers for the Outcast Dead. This brief ecumenical service is held every year for the unknown dead of Norwich: the bodies thrown into unmarked graves, the paupers, the plague victims, forgotten, unmourned, except by this motley collection of archaeologists, historians and sundry hangers-on.” The Outcast Dead By ...Read More

For The Bookshelf

I feel like for the past couple of weeks I’ve been telling you about new books that have arrived in my mailbox and I just haven’t had a chance to share. So I’ll probably have to share this in parts. Anyway, thank you to the courtesy of publishers here are the books ...Read More