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The weekend is almost here and what are you doing? We are excited about the Fall Plant Sale at the Wildflower Center. Unfortunately we lost a couple of plants this summer so we are going to look for some replacements. We’ve had success with our Rock Roses, Lanceleaf coreopsis, Nodding Penstemons and ...Read More

Dead Simple

“So far, apart from just a couple of hitches, Plan A was working out fine. Which was fortunate, since they didn’t really have a Plan B.” Dead Simple By Peter James The novel opens with five friends drunk and celebrating their friend’s upcoming wedding. Michael Harrison is successful and charming but he’s ...Read More

The Blissfully Dead

“Rose looked up at the hotel, wishing she’d been allowed to save the image on her phone, that it wasn’t against the rules. This was definitely the place – although, as with everything in her life, she retained a niggle of doubt.” The Blissfully Dead By Louise Voss & Mark Edwards The ...Read More