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The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine

“Mma Ramotswe remembered exactly how it was that the subject of taking a holiday arose. It was Mma Makutsi who started the discussion, with one of her inconsequential observations – those remarks she made a propos of nothing – remarks that had little to do with what had gone before.” The Woman ...Read More

Lock The Door

“The doctor said to treat him like any other child. Easy for her to say. Some nights I feel like he’s made of glass, especially when I undress and bathe him before bed. As though he might shatter at any minute. Seven months old this Saturday.” Lock The Door By Jane Holland ...Read More

In The Studio

The weather was perfect this weekend for just staying indoors and tackling some projects. It wasn’t too cold but gray, foggy and sometimes rainy. So I decided to finally get my studio in order. Throughout the past year I’ve organized here and there but I think a lot of times that just ...Read More