Nightstand Archive

Bookish Dreams

I dreamt last night that I visited a small town. The streets were lined with cute Victorian homes with porches and as I was walking through I came upon a small bookstore. I wandered in and although I didn’t see too many bookshelves all the books and magazines I saw were new to ...Read More

Library Haul

I’ve been checking out books a lot of books from the library this year. Unfortunately I’ve had to return some without reading because I am not reading fast enough but aren’t those the woes of bookworms? Here are the books I’ve found on various trips and those I’ve put on hold and ...Read More

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend was one for trying new recipes and enjoying some down time. Last week I sent my husband an article I read about the 11 Foods Germans Miss when they’re in the U.S. My husband definitely agreed with most of these and he ...Read More