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Happy Spring

Has it felt like Spring in your area? We had lots of rain on Saturday and then a beautiful Sunday. I have finally put away my winter jacket and have started wearing my ballet flats. Actually this Sunday, I had to bring out the shorts. Yep, we tend to go from cold ...Read More

Mystery Book Group Night

Some of our regular members weren’t able to make it to book group so we had a smaller showing last night but still enjoyed a good discussion on Ghost Medicine by Aimée and David Thurlo. We gave thumbs up for setting and thought there were some interesting story aspects but overall the ...Read More

Midnight In Mexico

“I walked onto the balcony of my sixth-floor apartment in my neighborhood of La Condesa and fixated on the thin sheets of rain falling on a late summer afternoon.” Midnight In Mexico By Alfredo Corchado Just as Alfredo Corchado and his girlfriend are getting ready to go out to dinner with some ...Read More