Catching Up

I still seem to be in catch up mode since our trip and the more time I’m away from the blog the harder it seems to make a full return. But, here’s a new week and let’s see what changes. It probably doesn’t help that I keep thinking of my vacation. We had such a great time in Germany. I really enjoyed meeting up with friends, going to a new city and just relaxing. I’ve been traveling to Germany almost every year for the past 10 years and I love that I feel at home and yet there is still so much to explore. Needless to say, I wish I was still over there exploring.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post my return back has been filled with lots of activity and work has really been draining. My home is also in need of some major organizing; I still have my backpack on my Studio floor waiting to be emptied out and put away. I must do it soon as I bought some very fun rubber stamps in this shop and I can’t wait to clear off my tables and get crafting.

But let’s get back to book talk. In my last post I mentioned the packages that were waiting for me and I will tell you about those but first let me tell you which books I did read while on vacation. I was on a roll and it was great. I hope I get to review these as most were really good and deserve more than a passing mention but here were my vacation reads:

I didn’t make any book purchases while in Germany, which is a bit of a shocker, but I did visit several bookstores and my book list got longer. I’ll tell you about those books in another post.

And, I haven’t forgotten that while I’ve been away Carl V.’s R.I.P. Challenge was announced. I have been keeping away from reading challenges this year (save for the Once Upon A Time challenge) and I can’t resist this one either. So I need to decide quick and join in.

Alright it’s time to catch up on my current read. More soon.

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