Borders’ Bucks

I had a little reward money to use from Borders so I made my second book purchase of the year yesterday. Granted, it was a little purchase but it’s one more book that’s found it’s way to my shelves.

50short.jpgBeing that I want to continue reading more short stories (last year I read three short story collections), I decided to get 50 Great Short Stories. I have probably only read one or two of the stories in this collection so it’ll be great to discover the stories by Dorothy Parker, Carson McCullers, Flannery O’Connor, and many others.

I like this short note from the Editor on “What makes a great short story.”:

“The sudden unforgettable revelation of character; the vision of a world through another’s eyes; the glimpse of truth; the capture of a moment in time. All this the short story, at its best, is uniquely capable of conveying, for in its very shortness lies its greatest strength.”

And, how timely that I should get this book now as Eva’s post reminded me of Short Story Monday. I know I’ve heard of it but because I don’t read many short stories I’ve never participated. Maybe, this book will change that.

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