Bookstore Finds

We spent some time at the bookstore this weekend and I was surprised at finding so many new books to add to my wish list. I don’t really look for new books as it’s all about Christmas this time of the year but I’m glad I wandered around the stacks. Here are some of the books that have made it on to my wish list.

If anyone has read these let me know what you thought.

As usual I also checked out the latest magazines and found out that The Rubber Stamper is no more. The current issue is the last one and next one they’ll be merging with another craft magazine. What a bummer. I play with rubber stamps and I enjoyed checking out this magazine as they always had some great articles on techniques and tools of the trade sort. Supposedly the new magazine will keep some of the same content format. I’ll be checking it out to see if that’s the case.

Anyway, now it’s off to curl up with my latest issue of Mystery Scene Magazine. I think another post on more books to add to the wish list will be coming up soon.

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