Bookstore Browsing

I forgot to tell you about the books I added to my list while we were out at BookPeople on the weekend. I didn’t even make it to the historical fiction, poetry or mystery section. I guess I know which areas of the bookstore I’ll be checking out on our next visit.

Anyway here are the latest additions to my wish list:

  • New World Monkeys by Nancy Mauro. Which sounds quirky and odd but according to a Washington Post review it is reminiscent of the writing by Alison Lurie, Alice Adams and Diane Johnson. Sounds good to me then.
  • The Boy With the Cuckoo-Clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu. The novel begins in Edinburgh in 1874, with the birth of the narrator, Jack. He’s ushered into the world with a malfunctioning heart by Dr. Madeleine, a midwife who also specializes in mechanical wizardry, so she fuses a cuckoo-clock to the boy’s heart to keep it ticking. Another book which sounds kinda out there right?
  • Going Away Shoes by Jill McCorkle. I read her novel Ferris Beach earlier this year and really enjoyed it so I would love to read this which is a collection of short stories.
  • Here They Come by Yannick Murphy. Told by a precocious unnamed 13-year-old girl who bends spoons with her mind, Murphy’s gorgeous third book of fiction recounts the story of a poor family’s coming-of-age in 1970s New York. I love a good coming-of-age tale.
  • In Free Fall by Juli Zeh. A story of scandal, disappearances and murder. You know I love a good suspenseful tale.

Now I’m off to read more of Mariana and hopefully I’ll have another Persephone post for you tomorrow.

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