Books & TV

Okay so normally I don’t talk about television but I was over at Dark Orpheus’ blog and I saw that she posted about the new book Who’s Your TV Alter Ego? by Noah Lusky. I got an ARC of this book so I had to share what my quiz said. I went to the web site and checked out the Scooby Doo Quiz. I’m Velma: curious, analytical and maybe a little smug. Zoinks!

The book has 52 personality tests that include shows from long ago to today’s favorites. And, who doesn’t like to take a personality test right? Heh.

Speaking of television, I just found out about Book Videos TV where you can get the scoop on the story behind the story! There are a couple of videos that I’ll have to watch when I get more time but I did check out Philippa Gregory’s video. She talked a bit about the research involved for her novels and what it’s like to find someone reading one of her novels when she travels. Very neat. Of course this reminds me that I want to read another of her books.

Well enough about television for now because books are calling my name.

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