Books as the Cure

I’m feeling a bit better. Thanks guys for all the well wishes. I’ve no doubt it’s the healthy vibes you are sending me and the abundance of pills my doctor has me on that’s doing the trick. Maybe I’ll even feel fit to go to work tomorrow.

I should go in to the office to tie up some lose ends as I’ll be gone for two weeks on vacation, but I’ve no doubt that one of my bosses passed the illness on to me so it’s really all their fault I’ve been out.

Anyway I finally caught up on blog reading today. Things of note: Everyone is reading Harry Potter. I’ve never jumped on that bandwagon. I’ve seen the movies and thought they were fun but somehow reading the books doesn’t interest me as much. Still am very happy that a book can cause such hullabaloo.

Another noteworthy blog event is the online reading group Kimbofo is going to be starting. I’ve already seen some familiar faces joining in, and besides you can never belong to too many book clubs so check it out.

What have I been reading? First, Halo Effect by M.J. Rose. A very entertaining read. I devoured that in a couple of hours. I also finally read An Image of Death by Libby Fischer Hellmann. If you’ll recall, I met her at the Printer’s Row Book Fair. I really like the mystery, no simple thing to solve that was. Libby gave me a first chapter booklet of her upcoming mystery novel, which I also read and am really looking forward to. It comes out in a few weeks.

For my travel memoir fix I’ve been reading A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena De Blasi. It’s filled with enchanting descriptions about Venice and Italian food but am still not quite sure about this one. There’s something that’s a bit off.

So that’s the recap for now. Off to continue catching up with all of you.