Bookish Talk

Today I was supposed to talk about the latest Slaves of Golconda read, Novel on Yellow Paper by Stevie Smith but I couldn’t get past page 20 or so of this novel. I think it’s a book I might enjoy if I was in the mood for it. I hate to admit that because sometimes that just seems like such an excuse but lately I’ve been leaning towards comfort reads and this was not one.

So it goes back on my shelf, I’ll see what the others thought of it and hopefully I will get to it another time.

The weekend was a good one though because I finished up one book which I liked a lot and will tell you about soon, and because after a delicious lunch at Central Market and some time wandering around Whole Earth we went to Half Price Books. It had been a while since I indulged in a bit of book shopping and I found some great bargains.

I bought Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I know many of you have loved this book so I was happy to find it. I also got a copy of Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. It does have the movie tie-in cover, I hate those usually, but the copy is in great condition and it was only $1 so I couldn’t leave it behind. I also picked up Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith for an upcoming mystery book club read. The last find was Digging to America by Anne Tyler. It’s been ages since I’ve read any of her books and I’d love to get reacquainted with this author.

That’s about it for now. I’ve got a couple of books that I’m reading currently but I’m in the mood for a good mystery tonight so I think I’m going to see what I can find on my shelves.

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