Bookish Style

I didn’t even tell you about one of the best things about the weekend. I got together with Christine on Friday and we were supposed to go to the Xocolatl Room for an evening of chocolate sampling and poetry. They host an open mic after 10 p.m. Seriously what could be better than that right? Unfortunately there was an event going on so there was nowhere to sit and we had to find another spot to hang out at. At least in Dallas there are lots of good places to eat so we found another good place for dessert.

So our big plans didn’t quite work out but I was one lucky girl anyway because Christine gave me a Poet-Tree, poetry on a t-shirt. Totally cute. Thanks Chica, and maybe when we finally go to the Xocolatl Room I can wear my Poet-Tree tee and fit right in. Heh.

In other Dallas related news, I just heard that the Dallas Public Library is hosting the Second International Book Fair in early July. I scanned the list of authors and don’t recognize any names but if I’m free I may just have to venture out there. What I am planning to go check out one of these days though is the Guild of Bookworkers’ 100th Anniversary Exhibition. I just know I’ll have to be pulled away from the exhibit. Oh to learn how to make some of those fabulous book structures. I cannot wait to see it.

So anyway if you are in the Dallas area there are several bookish things going on this summer. Yay.

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