Book Sale

We’ve been having a very nice weekend and enjoyed a film and did a bit of shopping at Half Price Books. I did have one moment of panic when I went to get my car inspection done and was told the wait would be 40 minutes. I was almost done with the book I had in my purse so I almost put off the car inspection to go back home and get something to read but I risked it and it turned out well as I even had one page left by the time my car was ready. Close call.

While I didn’t find a lot of books at HPB, my husband on the other hand found lots of mysteries in German so he stocked up on his crime thrillers. I did see some Scandinavian authors in his stash.

I got Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan which is a book I wanted to read after I got to hear the author speak at the Texas Book Festival last year. I also found The Fourth Man by K.O. Dahl which is a Norwegian crime thriller. My other is by Ruth Rendell, a writer who I think does psychological thrillers very well. I got The Water’s Lovely.

It’s been a full weekend of reading, book shopping, yoga and hanging out. I’ve spent very little time online and sometimes that’s really very good don’t you think?

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