Book Group Reads

I participate in several book groups here and there and as much as I’d like to participate in all, well, there’s not enough time. Not to mention, that I also have my own selections to read.

So for September/October I’m participating in the Our Coffee Rings group, Slaves of Golconda and my foreign authors book group (in person). And, of course I’m trying to do the R.I.P. Challenge.

So far I’ve only really made a dent into the selection for Our Coffee Rings. I’m reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and it’s a delightful read. I know I read this as a child but it’s truly like reading a new book as I don’t remember much of the story.

My other two selections I can’t even comment on. Saturday for Foreign Authors book group I’ve barely started and Indiana for Slaves of Golconda just arrived in my mailbox this weekend.

Let’s hope I don’t get too distracted by other books and can make some progress in these. I know that in itself is a challenge.