Back in Time

It seems like I always have a historical novel going on doesn’t it? Well, I’ve finished two novels set in Victorian times and wanted to tell you about those.

First there’s The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes (click on title for my review). When I received this ARC I placed it high up on my nightstand. A tale of magic, strange happenings and the dark side of Victorian London. This sounded wonderful but unfortunately the further I got into the story the more confused I was by what was going on. I have heard some good reviews of this one so perhaps you’ll enjoy it more than I did.

Next up is a story I read for the Graphic Novels challenge. The Case of Madeleine Smith by Rick Geary (click on title for my review) wasn’t on my original list of books for the challenge but I picked this up at the library on a recent visit and am so glad I did. I’d never heard of this series by Geary, A Treasury of Victorian Murder, but I will definitely be looking for more of titles.

In case you are wondering if I have more historicals to look forward to… I do. Lots of them in fact. Here is just a small list of some other novels set in Victorian times which I’m hoping to get to one of these days.

And, totally unrelated but I know I had promised some pics from bookbinding class. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and it’s just as well as I was dealing with a lot of glue today and probably wouldn’t have gotten the camera out anyway. I’m still working on my chunky book and I even started a new project. More on both of those later.

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