Around the World

What a weekend. I went to Tibet, China, Mexico, India and several other countries. Okay so I was actually at Another Time & Place and La Mariposa – two of my favorite stores in Dallas. I tried on Oaxacan jewelry, caressed pretty tunics from India and marveled at the beautiful ceramic bowls from Turkey that I felt like I was on a whirlwind trip, even if only in my mind.

This weekend I had to fulfill one of my assignments from The Artist’s Way book and I chose to do the Artist Date. On an Artist’s Date you spend two hours nurturing your inner artist by doing something you’ll enjoy. Believe me I had no problem doing this task but now I have all sorts of wants for the pretty things I saw. In particular a tote bag with a Frida Kahlo image at La Mariposa that I’m still thinking about. And, after all another book tote wouldn’t be a bad idea right?

In book news I’m almost done with The Mistressclass by Michèle Roberts and it’s really fantastic. I’ll leave you with another quote.

“Reading is a form of time travel. Reading is a form of resurrection, a past time resurrected as the reading of the poem is made. There is no death in this sense. No death of language. Language goes on, despite death, the skein that binds the generations, making itself new between the life and death of every poet. Lange is as certain as death but triumphs over it.”

See, I told you this book is good.