Around the World

I’ve had a laid-back kind of weekend. Continued doing lots of reading and not much else. I fear I’m going to be buried by the piles of laundry soon.

Today while I was reading the Dallas newspaper I was pleasantly surprised when there was a little blurb on some recently published International fiction. The article recommends three books: Unformed Landscape by Peter Stamm, Bitter Fruit by Achmat Dangor and No Man’s Land by Duong Thu Huong.

I especially took note of the article because in a couple of weeks I’ll meet with my Foreign Authors Book group and we’ll have our nomination night. We will select books to read for next year. And, this means I need to be armed with some of the best in International fiction.

I know I’ve asked before (I still have your suggestions) but if you can think of any International books that are must-reads please let me know. I’m sure that with the help of my bookaholic friends like you I will be well prepared to make some excellent suggestions.