Among the Stacks

Who doesn’t have stacks of books and magazines all over the place? I just saw this great item over at Swissmiss and thought now I could use that:

A magazine stool, isn’t that a great idea?

I’m planning to spend some time among the stacks this weekend, both mine and the bookstore’s. I feel like lately I’ve been on a roll with some great books and I love that.

faithfulplace.jpgCurrently I’m reading Faithful Place by Tana French which I admit I wanted to read it because it’s written by Tana French but I wasn’t thrilled that it was going to be focusing on one of the characters from her second novel, The Likeness. I never warmed up to Frank in that book and although he still hasn’t won me over in this one I don’t want to put this book down.

This book focuses on Detective Frank Mackey’s return home after 20 years. He never expected to go back to his family and home but when the remains of a woman are thought to be those of an old girlfriend of Frank’s he can’t help but be drawn into the mystery. I’m quite into the book and just now one big thing has happened which I didn’t expect but of course I can’t help but wonder what else the author has in store for me. There are still many pages to go.

So have a wonderful weekend everyone. I’m off to continue reading my book and I’ll trying to keep cool. Oh I can’t wait for the cool days that await us in Germany soon.

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