Altered Plans

So today I had planned to spend the afternoon working on an Altered Book. I’ve never made one but a local bookstore hosts a weekly craft get together where you can make these. I enjoy doing collage, playing with glue and basically just having fun with paper so I thought this would be a blast. Unfortunately the group didn’t meet today. What a bummer but I’ve got it down on my calendar for next week and I promise to share pics of whatever I make.

My trip to the bookstore wasn’t wasted though because I wandered around the stacks to check out their selection. Frugal Media is a used bookstore (similar to Half Price Books), and while I didn’t find their shelves as overflowing as those at HPB it’s still nice to have another bookstore to visit.

The biggest surprise was that I found a book in German for my husband. So I didn’t buy anything for me but he’s excited to start his new crime novel, Tanz mit dem Engel by Åke Edwardson. I’ve been meaning to try a book from this Swedish author but haven’t yet. It looks like my husband will beat me to this series.

Ok, now back to my books. I’ve still got the same pile I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It seems like I’m moving slowly through these books but I’m enjoying them so that’s what counts.

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