A Reading Year In Review

I didn’t read as much this year as I typically do, usually my total books read is more in the 90s, but I attribute this number to the many DNF books I had this year. Still, I found some books to love and ended up reading some very good books, especially towards the end of the year. Here’s the breakdown of 2010:

Total books read in 2010: 79

Books by women: 57
Books by men: 20
Books by couple: 2
Fiction: 34
Mystery: 29
Classics: 2
Non-fiction: 4
Young adult: 6
Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 1
Graphic novels: 3
Short story collections: 1
Books in translation: 11 (Swedish, Spanish, French, Japanese, Icelandic, Italian, and German)
Books borrowed from the library: 20

As usual my reading tends to go towards fiction and mystery and books written by women. I was happy to read a few more non-fiction books as well as continue reading books in translation. I was very excited to discover books by publishers such as Bitter Lemon Press, Other Press, NeWest Press and Europa Editions.

I’ve been thinking of the year to come and there are some things I hope to accomplish. First, no reading challenges. I love them but I’ve been participating in them for four years and I need a break. I may make an exception for the R.I.P. Challenge just because it’s the first challenge I ever did and I love the season but none other. Help me stick to my plan will you?

While my plan is always to read more across the genres, I also want to finally discover the works of some authors I keep meaning to read. I hate to mention names as the pressure will be on but here are some: Nadine Gordimer, John Steinbeck, Hilary Mantel, Ursula K. Le Guin, Italo Calvino, and Iris Murdoch.

So those are my reading plans. I also have some other crafty plans and I’ll share those with you soon because I’m hoping to share more of my adventures and maybe even have you join! So, stay tuned.

In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful new year. May it be filled with joy, health and happiness. And, a lot of good books.


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