A Good Cause

Communities hit by Hurricane Katrina are still trying to reconstruct and one group of New Orleans writers has found a way to make a difference. The New Orleans Haiku Society has recently published, Katrina – Ku: Storm Poems.

From imagery of downed power lines to the blue FEMA tarp covered roofs, this book is a tribute to a once vibrant city. As I know one of the poets, I’ve been following the development of the book and am excited to see it finally come together.

If you have $5 bucks to spare please consider purchasing a copy. Proceeds from the sale will benefit various art groups in New Orleans. To learn more visit Katrina-Ku.

Also I have two more reviews of books I’ve recently enjoyed, The Last Cato by Matilde Asensi and A Rare Interest in Corpses by Ann Granger.

Hope everyone has a weekend filled with books!