A Conversation

I’ve been a bit bummed out about work lately. Not so much the work itself but there are issues of office morale, etc. The good news is that things seem to be on the right track now. Naturally I thought what a better way to pick up my spirits than to get some books.

But then I felt a bit of a guilty twinge when I looked at all the books I already have. Plus, wasn’t I just telling my husband the other day that I wasn’t going to buy books for a while. Well here’s our recent conversation and you tell me what you think.

BookGirl: I’m depressed. I need some books.
Husband: Get some.
BookGirl: Besides, our mailbox is lonely. Maybe we could order a book or something.
Husband: I guess I forgot to tell you that last night I ordered a couple of books.

That does it. If he’s getting books then so am I.