Monthly Archive:: August 2012

Countdown to the Weekend

I know for many in the States this weekend is a holiday weekend but unfortunately it won’t be a long one for me as I have to go to the office on Saturday. It won’t be all day so that’s good as I’ve got lots of plans. Mainly involving a lot of ...Read More


I finished my book last night and now I’m ready for a new one but I just don’t know which one next. I’m sort of in the mood for a good family drama. I’ll have to go hang out by my stacks and see what captures my attention so a quick post ...Read More

Book Bundle

When I went on vacation in July I had stocked up my Kindle with some books and also thanks to NetGalley I found some good reads but pretty much as soon as I came back the Kindle has been put away and it’s back to my stacks of books. And, my how ...Read More