Monthly Archive:: July 2010

How to be an American Housewife

“I got a piece of tissue-thin airmail stationery and my husband’s fountain pen out of the desk drawer. Sitting down on the floor at the coffee table, I put the pen to my lips, thinking. From the garage, Charlie sang as he put laundry in the washer. One of my adult son ...Read More

Two Books

We had a rainy afternoon today so it was perfect time to curl up with a good book. Well, two good books. I keep going back and forth between these two: Awakening seems to be the perfect mystery book to get me out of the slump I’ve had with some mysteries lately. ...Read More

The Affinity Bridge

“The room was full of ghosts. Or so Felicity Johnson would have had him believe. Sir Maurice Newbury, weary from a day spent scouring the dusty stacks of the British Library, drummed his fingers on the table with a quiet impatience. The dinner party was not working out at all as he’d ...Read More