Monthly Archive:: February 2008

The Stone Angel

The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence is the eloquent story of a 90-year-old woman coming to terms with her life thus far and facing what happens next. Hagar Shipley is frail and dependent on her son and daughter-in-law but unlike many of the kindly “grandmothers” portrayed in fiction, she is stubborn, difficult ...Read More

Book Loot

Before I show you my book finds I wanted to let Eva know that she won the ARC of Free For All and Julie got Immortal. Thank you so much for being interested in those books so just send me an email with your address and I’ll get those out this weekend. ...Read More

A Very Bookish Day

Today has been a most wonderful bookish day. I started off my morning by going to an annual book sale hosted by a local PTA and walked away with a bag filled with books. The sale is going on through the weekend so I’m going to save my book finds post until ...Read More