Monthly Archive:: July 2006

Test of a Good Book

You know what’s a good test of a book? Leave the book you are reading behind while you go on vacation for three weeks, come back to it and find yourself feeling as if you’d never stopped reading it. That’s exactly what I felt with A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel. ...Read More

This & That

I planned to go through my vacation pictures this weekend so I could post them but being that I’m still trying to unpack that didn’t quite happen. Besides, I had quite a busy weekend. I went to a Chicks-Only Open Mic night on Friday. I even read some of my poems. Hee. ...Read More

Big Books

We also encountered big books on our daytrip to Berlin. At Bebelplatz, where once 20,000 books were burned, this new sculpture stands as a proof that books are big in Germany. Did you know that about 700 million copies of books are printed in Germany every year? That’s about 80,000 titles, nearly ...Read More