Monthly Archive:: March 2006

Word Play

I borrowed this meme from Stefanie and Sylvia. Words that always look misspelled to me: Lawmaker Obsession Caribbean Words that look nicer in italics: Cherub Flora Aroma Words I enjoy saying: Ephemera Vintage Serene Words I enjoy hearing: I love you Proper nouns I enjoy: Xochitl Guanajuato Heidelberg Words I associate with ...Read More

Two Books

I started reading two new books yesterday. Don’t you just love those first few pages in a book? When there is so much expectation of what is to come. Granted if those first 30 pages don’t grab me then I move on. I used to be one of those tenacious readers who ...Read More

Of Friends & Books

Over the past few months I’ve been involved in some on-line craft groups. We share ideas and best of all we do swaps. We’ll do collage, books, Artist Trading Cards and a host of other paper projects and this Saturday I actually got to meet some of these on-line friends for the ...Read More