Monthly Archive:: January 2006

Project: Book Organization

My talk about organizing my books is so far just that – talk. I came home tonight, worked out, started another book, and not once did I think about organizing the shelves. I really want to but I’m feeling overwhelmed. I was asked if I have a system? Sort of… I like ...Read More


My goal this week is to organize the bookshelves. I know you must be laughing at that – I am too. I want to at least have all my books on the shelves and not overtaking the floor in our little office. I plan to do some donating and selling. Anything to ...Read More

Feeding the Addiction

You guys won’t believe this. I found this bookstore which is closing one of it’s Dallas Metroplex locations and has all paperbacks for $1 and hardbacks for $2. I would list all the books I bought, I spent $36, but my husband cleared space to do some calligraphy and he mixed in ...Read More